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Good DBA must support his clients

It does not really important what kind of a DBA are you: applicative or infrastructure one… the one thing you will always need to do is giving support and help to your clients: a client can be a market sales man, analyst, programmer or your CTO. You need high skills of support, if you want to be a professional DBA (and more…, but this one is very important also). Your sales man will come and ask you to give him all reports on sales made yesterday, and on which hour and to slice in by community; the analyst will want a report on member’s usage and the programmer will need help in T_SQL. You must know how to help all your clients, even if they come all at once, you will need to know how to say politely to each one of them when you will be available for doing the requested work. If you will answer politely with no press – they will all say it is nice to work with you and that you look professional in your line of duty. You, from the other hand, will need to do all you have promised to your clients. A good DBA, even if he is very professional, it does not look good, if he does not know how to give service to his clients. For example, if a programmer comes to you and wants your help in writing a stored procedure, and you are very busy with other things, give him a service by telling him that you have 10 minutes for him now, and you will be happy to help him later. I saw the other example, that a programmer came to a DBA to ask him for this help, and the DBA told him he does not have the time for him and he does not do these things. The first thing this programmer did is telling his colleagues not to go to the DBA and ask for help – not just this made the DBA a “bad name”, but also the company he works in damaged, which can lead also to bad performance on servers, due to the fact the programmer will upload a stored procedure to production servers with no help from the DBA, because the DBA does not want to help – it’s a pity! And wrong!

Want to be a good DBA – you must know how to give service to your clients!


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